Fancy Engraved Butchers Knife Cleaver Charm

Ahhhh… The joys of cheese. Feeling a bit Sweeney Todd-ish? How about your very own tiny, 10K gold cleaver? Obviously antique, in lovely condition, nicely engraved. For those moments you’re thinking bloodthirsty thoughts, but probably shouldn’t act upon them. Or as an addition to a food-themed bracelet. Or maybe just to remind you to pick […]

Sterling Silver and Porcelain Turning World Charm

Close your eyes and spin the globe… … Drop a finger, then let’s go. Here to stir your wanderlust is a tiny spinnable globe. Sterling silver framework encasing a porcelain globe, with continent names in French, rests on a mystery cabochon gem. Perhaps this charming globe will inspire your next marvelous adventure. Perhaps, as you […]

Sterling Silver and Enamel Howard Johnson’s Restaurant Charm

Road trip 1960’s… The whole family piles into the station wagon.  “I call the way back!” Piles of pillows, toys, arms and legs squeezed between suitcases. Round after round of license plate games, the Mamas and the Papas on cassette (until the batteries run out) and dad’s interminable Shaggy Dog stories. (Shall I tell you […]

Ah, Christmas Morning & the Teen Age Years…

Christmas morning you ran downstairs to scope out the gifts. There it was, right size, right shape. Sure enough, your very own portable phonograph player! The little suitcase could be taken anywhere. Open the cover, put on a record and fantastic music, slightly scratchy but oh so lovely, wafted out. Slow dances alone in the […]

Winter is Coming – Gold Victorian Ice Skating Charm

How very Little Women. Or perhaps Eight Cousins or It’s a Wonderful Life. Imagine ladies in long dresses, lacing their skates without displaying their ankles for all the world to see. Here is the skate, in ivory and gold, with its discreet, tall, gold-buttoned boot for dizzying whirls about the ice with a suitor. And […]