Stanhope “I Love You” Heart Easter Egg Enamel Charm

For adults… Gold may be better than candy! Where did the Easter Rabbit hide your eggs each year? There was always at least one in the bottom of the Seth Thomas pendulum clock at my house. Sometimes we didn’t find it for weeks (You can guess the outcome.) Now, a plastic one lives there permanently […]

Interesting Mechanical Vintage Charm – Adults only

CLICK HERE FOR A NAUGHTY BUGLER BOY OK even the kids won’t be able to tell, so I don’t mind having this on the page, but what a cute little risque charm! Hey! behave now, that’s his bugle! Click on the picture to see the charm.

Hidden Treasure – vintage charm with a… shock?

click here to see the auction Well this is one for the books – lift the trumpet and find a surprise. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new risque charm. BTW- I still haven’t made the new scanner work – but am plodding on.

The brilliant Coco de Mer charm – Nature as Erotism

Who knew fruit could be so erotic? Meet the mighty Coco de Mer, a nut from the Seychelles which resembles the front and backsides of the female form, even more interesting is the male tree’s pollen bearing stamen – Google coco de mer palm Seychelles for some great information on the glorious globes. Pictured here […]

The best of both worlds – antique stanhope charm – and it’s erotic too!

This is a lovely old piece, look at the detail and delicate craftsmanship – yet it was the equivalent of a playboy magazine in it’s day! Victorian erotica, just wonderful. check HERE