Question from a member – about jump rings

Candygirl7 says: August 13, 2014 at 9:01 am Hello all! I am new here and I need some advice. I collect all types of charms, silver and gold, but need advice. I have some very old retro charms in 14kt and 18kt. gold that I inherited from my deceased aunts. I am creating a new […]

The One That Got Away

I’ve been dealing with a sciatic hip and remodeling and have been a VERY bad host here. I hope everyone took the opportunity to reread the archives? I haven’t been up to listing or – as you will see – even bidding. I hope to catch up now. The web god has the site up […]

Seller ‘THATSPECIALCHARM’ solves mystery!

too good to leave in comments – here is the riddle of the vintage charm spinner mystery solved: Oh, what a FUN contest!!! Asa vav kit means “I love you” in Greenlandic … if you google asa vav kit and click on the link, you will see a photo of a horse named Asa […]

Spinner Mystery Vintage Charm

A free charm from me (not this one!) to whoever is the first to tell me what this spinner says. click here to see the auction on this vintage charm mystery There are lots of ‘kiss me’ or ‘I love you’ vintage charm spinners out there – and even ‘happy days or ‘no worrys’ – […]

Lampl Mystery Charm

I bought this wonderful charm on a bracelet and it’s hallmarked sterling – the WL and shield and PAT PENDG so the question is – what was inside? Was there glass or plastic in the holes? It looks like the bundles for Britain or America charms a bit, but didn’t those have solid sides? HELP!