Mad Money Charm for sale by group member

if anyone is interested in these vintage mad money charms in 9K gold please send me an email – a member of this group is selling them. notice they are the more interesting high note values – up to 50 pounds uk.

The Lady Cleans Up Nicely

I managed to find my last Sunshine Cloth (how i can loose so many I never have figured out – I just bought 10 from Sandy in October!) and do a light buff on the now grime free charms. The great thing about the cloths is that they leave the patina intact, and just touch […]

Here is a Fums Up Touch Wood Vintage Charm for sale

A member in Australia has this Fums Up Touch Wood Charm she is willing to sell. There are rarely local charms down under so I thought it might save shipping for one of the Australian members to buy it, but if you are willing to pay the shipping she’ll send it anywhere. you can contact […]

Let’s talk rings

Face it the sad fact is that your charm bracelets are only as good as the jump rings you use, because without good jump rings you loose the charms. Oh you could pay a jeweler 5.00 and up to solder them on, but what if you add a new charm and there isn’t a good […]

Post Charms for Sale

If you have any charms you want to sell put the pictures and the prices here for other members to see. There are no fees (hey, would I charge you?) and they can pay you directly through paypal or however you like. Keep an eye on this so when something you’re looking for comes up […]