From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks…

Acorns are symbols of fertility, the potential for new life, both corporal and mystical. Druids believed the consumption of acorns would help to see the future. This delicate acorn charm might symbolize potential, or autumn or be a companion for the squirrels in your life. Good luck! Click here to see more images of this […]

14K Yellow Gold Florida Charm

Thinking of a a little beach getaway? Do you need a little vacation at the beach? Because here it is, in miniature – a palm tree, resting on a gemstone, direct from the Sunshine State in this circular 14k gold palm tree. Close your eyes and dive in. Do you hear the surf? Smell the […]

Hand Carved Coral Dog & 18K Gold (5.4 Grams) Charm

Every hound dog deserves love. This poor guy, chained to his kennel, could use to belong to someone who’ll love and appreciate him. The handsome, beautifully hand-carved, coral-red pup, with his 18k gold chain and kennel, needs some love in his life. He could be very happy in company on a special charm bracelet or […]

Victorian (c1890) Opaline Glass 9k Gold Egg in Cup Pendant

How to make a perfect poached egg: Add two teaspoons white vinegar to a pot of water, bring it to a boil, then reduce to low (or turn off the heat). Quickly stir the water in one direction until it’s smoothly spinning around. Carefully drop the egg into the center of the whirlpool. The swirling […]

3D Vintage Movable Movie Projector on Stand Charm Pendant

Aaand… Action! Many years ago, in an unexpected but amazing episode, a little man inside my head stood behind his camera filming my life. I watched him watching me. There were lots of changing colors and trails and time floated free of its mooring… but I digress. Here to stand witness to your own movie-making […]