Is it too early for Holiday Charm Bracelets?

Sometimes you just need a big gaudy glorious wrist ruffle to be cheerful – and the holidays are one of those times. With Lunch At The Ritz (they have been around long enough for many to be vintage, but are still in production – new designs 4 times a year and the older ones discontinued […]

Juicy Couture Charms

these will be very sought after in years to come – and are pretty darned cute now even though not vintage. this auction has many at very good prices – these can run as high as 75.00 retail so 20.00 is a steal, and a nice selection makes these a bracelet in the making. enjoy!

My New Halloween Bracelet

This is an interesting concept, I saw a friend’s design and had her do one for me, it combines vintage and new charms, gold sterling, bakelite, celluloid, Czechoslovakian glass – you name it if we like it on it goes. This sucker redefines wrist ruffle. In the post below you can see what I started […]

A Really GOOD Idea from Juicy Couture:

There’s no reason it shouldn’t apply to vintage charms also – and in my opinion since the vintage are so much smaller (all be it not much cheaper) you need a new one at least every week!

Great new (modern) bead caps- but don’t mistake for vintage touchwood!

I mentioned these on the ebay charm group today but had to go find them. They are great for new bracelets – especially with a wooden bead to be touch wood charms BUT BEWARE of anyone selling them as vintage touch wood. These are not nor ever were made by NUVO, the best way to […]