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Kyria-d – Mechanical, Moving Charms, Touch Woods and Walter Lampl Charms

Kyria-d collected her first charms at birth and has been going strong ever since. Concentrating on mechanical and moving charms with minors in lighting and touch woods, she still has room for good luck, enameled, german and british charms. Nuvo and fums up jostle with Beau and Walter Lampl on her sales pages, it all [...]

Bought The Charm – Vintage Sterling Silver Charms

BoughtTheCharm (Clope14) specializes in vintage sterling charms – because a vintage charm is a small piece of heaven. She features antique charms from makers such as Beau, Wells, Danecraft, JMF and Bates and Klinke. These charms range from 40′s, travel charms, European charms, enamel charms, puffy heart charms and more! Here are the charm auctions [...]

a wonderful article in Bazaar magazine this month


Yoyolz World of Eccentricity – Vintage, Antique and Collectible Charm Jewelry

World of Eccentricity & Charm offers vintage, antique and collectible charm jewelry. We don’t specialize in any one period, but offer items in several categories. You’ll find Edwardian, Victorian, mid-century modernist, Scandinavian and Mexican jewelry. Also, sweetheart jewelry, costume pieces in rhinestones and enamel and advertising pieces. And, we have a large selection of designer [...]

Yogiw A Genuine Find – Vinatage Puffy Hearts, Love Tokens, Victorian Treasures and More

A Genuine Find (Yogiw) specializes in vintage charms and jewelry including puffy hearts, love tokens, Victorian treasures, European enamels, travel shields and U.S. souvenirs. She also offers specially-designed charm wrapping paper, wearable’s, sewing notions and novelties. Check back often — you never know what genuine finds will show up. You can find more of A [...]