Ah, Christmas Morning & the Teen Age Years…

Christmas morning you ran downstairs to scope out the gifts. There it was, right size, right shape. Sure enough, your very own portable phonograph player! The little suitcase could be taken anywhere. Open the cover, put on a record and fantastic music, slightly scratchy but oh so lovely, wafted out. Slow dances alone in the […]

Winter is Coming – Gold Victorian Ice Skating Charm

How very Little Women. Or perhaps Eight Cousins or It’s a Wonderful Life. Imagine ladies in long dresses, lacing their skates without displaying their ankles for all the world to see. Here is the skate, in ivory and gold, with its discreet, tall, gold-buttoned boot for dizzying whirls about the ice with a suitor. And […]

Have a Seat – Charles Rennie McIntosh Sterling Silver Chair Charm

Have a few, enough for a rip-roaring game of teeny, tiny musical chairs. From the fertile imagination of Charles Rennie McIntosh, the Scottish designer who was famous for his clean, whimsical designs for everything from earrings to the Glasgow School of Art (now sadly gone, burnt to the ground not once but twice). Fortunately, these […]

3D Red Eye Witch w/Broom Charm or Pendant

“Witches don’t like to be seen running. It looks unprofessional.” Terry Pratchett. This little witch rides an actual bristle broom. So she’s an extremely rare witch. Plus, you know, she’s solid gold. Which means she’s a GOOD Witch. A Good Witch is a good thing to have on your side, and your charm bracelet! Check […]

Wall Street Ticker Tape Machine Charm

Tick, tick, tick… Once upon a time, fortunes rose and fell to the tune of the ticket tape machine. Now long obsolete (since the 1960’s, when television and computers took over transmitting financial information), they harken back to a different way of life. This one is almost steampunk in its execution – glass dome, pure […]