this is the perfect bracelet for the cake iceing sterling charms

picture your iceing charms on this!

a brilliant Vienna bracelet by angela p

all hand painted enamel – exquisite

My Lady of the Locket

Well about a month ago I fell in love with a bracelet, as I have been sadly all too often known to do, laughingly sent the link to an old friend. He said – ‘Just got the tax refund, you’ve never lost money on antiques, go for it’ which is not only hubris, but sadly […]

Nationalism and Jewelry

My enthusiasm for politics died along with the young president I watched buried when I was five – the safe world I had taken for granted changed forever. I marched and sat in for civil rights and peace through college, and voted by absentee ballots the 20 years I spent on the road, touring the […]

Christmas Charm

This eBay seller always has wonderful things – she has outdone herself with this storybook bracelet – can you see the memories of kids whose Mother or Grandmother wore this and told them the story while they played with it? The house even opens to ‘children nestled snug in a bed’ click here to see […]