yoyolz’s World of Eccentricity & Charm – Vintage, Antique and Collectible Charm Jewelry

Yoyolz’s World of Eccentricity & Charm offers vintage, antique and collectible charm jewelry. We don’t specialize in any one period, but offer items in several categories. You’ll find Edwardian, Victorian, mid-century modernist, Scandinavian and Mexican jewelry. Also, sweetheart jewelry, costume pieces in rhinestones and enamel and advertising pieces. And, we have a large selection of […]

Yogiw A Genuine Find – Vintage Puffy Hearts, Love Tokens, Victorian Treasures and More

A Genuine Find (Yogiw) specializes in vintage charms and jewelry including puffy hearts, love tokens, Victorian treasures, European enamels, travel shields and U.S. souvenirs. She also offers specially-designed charm wrapping paper, wearable’s, sewing notions and novelties. Check back often — you never know what genuine finds will show up. You can find more of A […]

That Special Charm

The Special Charm offers an eclectic assortment of high quality vinatge glamour jewelry, gleaned from Hollywood and Beverly Hills collectors. Check out the latest charm listings for ThatSpecialCharm:

Richngold – Vintage Gold, Mechanical, and Estate Charms

Richngold deals in gold jewelry of all kinds, especially vintage gold charms.  The mechanical estate charms are a particular specialty, but please check out all of the auctions – you never know what you may find!  Remember, you better buy these when you find as there may not ever be another like it! Here the […]

Nalfie – Antique Charms from Great Britain

Nalfie offers high end antique and vintage jewelry from Great Britain. With over 30 years’ experience and expertise in the quality jewelry and antiques business, Nalfie has completed over 70,000 overseas transactions in the last 10+ years online. As a highest level eBay seller, they are totally committed to your satisfaction! Check our their feedback […]