Lucky Acorn Charm by Tiffany

The mighty Oak (Quercus species) was a symbol of life, fertility, and immortality in many ancient cultures. The god Thor’s Life Tree was an Oak. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans revered Oak trees. Galen, a famous Roman doctor, first used Oak leaves to heal wounds. The Druids considered it to have both medicinal and […]

Southwestern Estate 3D Charm

Someday’s a girl gets very VERY lucky… When you do searches you never know what you’ll find, but if you know the shapes of things you want it really helps. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this – note that there was no title. I held my breath till it arrived safely. Now my […]

Almond Nut Locket Victorian Love Charm

This is one of my favorite charms and rarely found with both of the almond halves intact and included inside. It’s a Victorian love charm with double meanings; it can signify the equivalent of ‘2 peas in a pod’ two souls together and the sweetness of almonds or it can have a must more risque […]

Sterling Silver Satyr Devil Nude Women Relief Pendant

Look at this pendant quickly – what do you see?  A man’s portrait? Three women? Something abstract? Check this Mephisto Metamorphic Illusion Pendant listing for more images of this charm. This is one of the Victorian puzzle charms, an early Rorschach test, and a way to be a little crazy in public. This example is […]

Aladdin Genie Roman Lamp Pendant Charm

This is a British version of the American ‘Lite-a-Charm’, very popular in the 1950-70’s. Check our Vintage Catalog section for many versions of lamp charms. When hearing aids and watches started using these small batteries, jewelers jumped on it make lighting charms – and this one still works! Check the full listing (along with more images […]