Electrolux Mechanical 14k Gold Rug Swivel Sweeper Charm

Visiting our Grandma was a bittersweet experience. She was of the old school – females clean. For me this meant a month each summer in charge of the Electrolux Swivel-head Rug Sweeper. How I hated doing the floors! Five times in each place then move over a foot – argggghh! Needless to say, none of […]

Marchal Automatic Swiss Watch Alarm Clock Charm

I must admit I covet this little gem more than a bit. Like a character from Beauty and the Beast, this tiny watch has character for days. And it actually tells time! One foot is the winding mechanism. How cute is that?! This lovely Marchal Incabloc Automatic Swiss Made watch is 14k gold with six […]

Stanhope “I Love You” Heart Easter Egg Enamel Charm

For adults… Gold may be better than candy! Where did the Easter Rabbit hide your eggs each year? There was always at least one in the bottom of the Seth Thomas pendulum clock at my house. Sometimes we didn’t find it for weeks (You can guess the outcome.) Now, a plastic one lives there permanently […]

GJ LTD London Guard Sentry Box Moving Charm

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace – Christopher Robin went down with Alice. “Do you think the King knows all about me?” “Sure to, dear, but it’s time for tea,” Says Alice. From Buckingham Palace, by A. A. Milne This well-loved guard probably has many tales to tell, but he’s a true guard of the […]

Grim Reaper Death Clock Scythe Opening Charm

Enjoy yourselves, it’s later than you think… How late? Well, when the Grim Reaper pops up out of your clock, it’s probably later than you think. Here is a wonderful piece of vintage dark humor, a lovely, rare, sterling silver charm. The clock opens easily, like a locket, to display the Grim Reaper, complete with […]