Victorian Nautical Thor With Hammer Silver Compass Fob

It’s good to know where you’re going and with whom, if you possibly can. So often we don’t. Look closely. Is that Thor? This very old charm, whose history and meaning are lost in time, looks to be Thor. If so, you’re in good company. He’s holding Mjölnir above his head, and riding a working, […]

Lucky Acorn Charm by Tiffany

The mighty Oak (Quercus species) was a symbol of life, fertility, and immortality in many ancient cultures. The god Thor’s Life Tree was an Oak. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans revered Oak trees. Galen, a famous Roman doctor, first used Oak leaves to heal wounds. The Druids considered it to have both medicinal and […]

Southwestern Estate 3D Charm

Someday’s a girl gets very VERY lucky… When you do searches you never know what you’ll find, but if you know the shapes of things you want it really helps. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this – note that there was no title. I held my breath till it arrived safely. Now my […]

Almond Nut Locket Victorian Love Charm

This is one of my favorite charms and rarely found with both of the almond halves intact and included inside. It’s a Victorian love charm with double meanings; it can signify the equivalent of ‘2 peas in a pod’ two souls together and the sweetness of almonds or it can have a must more risque […]

Sterling Silver Satyr Devil Nude Women Relief Pendant

Look at this pendant quickly – what do you see?  A man’s portrait? Three women? Something abstract? Check this Mephisto Metamorphic Illusion Pendant listing for more images of this charm. This is one of the Victorian puzzle charms, an early Rorschach test, and a way to be a little crazy in public. This example is […]