Electrolux Mechanical 14k Gold Rug Swivel Sweeper Charm

Visiting our Grandma was a bittersweet experience. She was of the old school – females clean.

For me this meant a month each summer in charge of the Electrolux Swivel-head Rug Sweeper. How I hated doing the floors! Five times in each place then move over a foot – argggghh! Needless to say, none of us sisters have grown into stellar housekeepers, in rebellion. (But I digress…)

This vintage, mechanical, solid 14k Gold Electrolux Rug Sweeper’s every detail is a delicious reminder of times pre-Roomba. The little sweeper head swivels. The long handle evokes tedious times communing with 50s-style carpeting. Mad Men grow up, and mad women count your blessings. But it WOULD be super-cute hanging on a bracelet, reminding modern women to enjoy every moment!

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