A few of the best- mine and others

Just a little picture to drool over- if anyone has the gold fish bowl please let me know when you want to sell! Send me pictures of your favorite charms so I can drool over them as well- with enough collectors we’ll all be dehydrated (but happy). I will be adding pictures to this file […]

I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours

It’s hard to pick favorites, but here’s one for today- send me your picks, and I’ll post those as well. I hope to put up one wonderful charm per day.

Charms mean never having to say- I’m too grown-up.

It is my belief that charms are proof positive that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. Every great memory is enshrined there- ready to be told to children, grand children, or to oneself on a rainy day. Granted, my parents (shockingly) didn’t always give in to my requests for charms on our […]

Theme Bracelets

If you want to specialize your collecting for a charm bracelet you can do all pearl charms, all gemstone charms, all vintage charms or limit it to art deco charms, WWI charms, WWII charms, 1940’s charms, 1950’s charms, 1960’s charms- all had a different tone and feeling. I love to customise charm bracelets for friends […]

So many charms so little time, money, room……..

There are so many interesting and historic charms, moving charms, mechanical charms opening charms (yes there is a difference) antique charms, vintage charms, gold charms, sterling charms, new charms-old charms to older, and I haven’t even mentioned the cracker jack charms or bubble gum charms of our misspent youth. Technically, Antique Charms are considered to […]