So many charms so little time, money, room……..

There are so many interesting and historic charms, moving charms,
mechanical charms opening charms (yes there is a difference) antique charms,
vintage charms, gold charms, sterling charms, new charms-old charms to
older, and I haven’t even mentioned the cracker jack charms or bubble
gum charms of our misspent youth.

Technically, Antique Charms are considered to be 100 years old, or at
least before the First World War according to the experts (see the links
to read the reviews). Many collectors choose to array their bracelets
with Victorian Charms or earlier which can include gold and silver of
many qualities, as well as carved wood, gemstones both semi precious,
precious and of no value intrinsically but coveted for the artistry of
the carving itself.

eBay (and the great charm goddess of us all- gelatogrrl and her group)
have declared ‘vintage charm’ to mean 1980’s or earlier, and I
wouldn’t dream of contradicting any group of people whose accumulated
knowledge is so amazing that I’m blown away every time I check in with them.
So Vintage is 1917 through 1980’s, and everything after that is newer-
but not necessarily new as most charms from the last 20 years will be
used, I like to think of those as retro -and then we have the subject of
brand new and reproduction charms. YIKES! Is every charm collector
running for the hills by now?

To be honest I collect Vintage Charms and Antique Charms but I have
been seduced by several new ones- especially those by Silver Confetti,
these are not reproductions since they were never made in the good old
days- but they are so delightful I smile every time I look at them- the
snow globes, and emergency boxes with candy or pills or cigarettes
inside. But most true charm collectors will only deal in Vintage Charms, so
this is my guilty secret. Needless to say I would never claim these as
vintage charms, nor should they ever be sold as such, but it’s
important to know what is out there- new as well as old, so you can tell the
difference – not so easy!

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