Theme Bracelets

If you want to specialize your collecting for a charm bracelet you can do all pearl charms, all gemstone charms, all vintage charms or limit it to art deco charms, WWI charms, WWII charms, 1940’s charms, 1950’s charms, 1960’s charms- all had a different tone and feeling.

I love to customise charm bracelets for friends to showcase their unique personalities. As a gift for a boss the profession (lawyer, dr, manager, tinker -tailer -begger man- thief- whatever) bracelet is a perfect choice (If he’s a man his wife may love it, but unless you’re sure you might want to stick with a gift certificate for the manly men).

There is a picture of my all bell bracelet in the random photos on the site’s upper left corner, I made it for my Mother and it has a lovely sound. If you have a wonderful theme bracelet please send a picture to share with us.

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