A few of the best- mine and others

goldfish bowlJust a little picture to drool over- if anyone has the gold fish bowl please let me know when you want to sell!

Send me pictures of your favorite charms so I can drool over them as well- with enough collectors we’ll all be dehydrated (but happy).

I will be adding pictures to this file daily.


  1. lol… bigger, I want to see it BIGGER! (Looks like a purse with… hmmm… is that a tiny cabbage rose??)

  2. nope it’s a glass goldfish in bowl with loop- wait till you see some of the others! mini mechanical wonders. welcome to the group, try the forum too- i’m really looking forward to this.

  3. me toooo ! I’m searching for this one !!! lost it a while ago, and now NEED it !! ;-)))

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