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Vintage charm school styles from the 1971catalog

Children days of the week and Roses with Birthstones

I wonder why we haven’t seen more of these around – surely they must have been popular? I’d love to have a rose with peridot, but the only ones I’ve seen have no gem? Perhaps they had no post and were just glued – fell out over time? I can’t say I’m crazy about the […]

A Daily Dose of Vintage Charm History 1971

What’s your sign? I hear it was a major pick up line in the ’70’s – I wouldn’t know of course having been a mere babe… oh heck let’s face it even if that were true I’d still be old! Seems the eclipse played with the eBay forces last night and it hasn’t quite recovered.

Todays dose of Vintage charm catalogs

Hope you’re having a better day than I am so far – eBay is major whacked – what happened?

Another day another page – enjoy!

Nothing better than a new page of vintage charms with the morning coffee. Here is the daily ration.