More Nature- vintage charm catalog birds cats & mice

Worry birds and rubber duckys, mice blind or otherwise and some really cute cats.

Vintage Charm Catalog Insects Animals Fishing and Boating

Only 2 pages for all of these? It seems the 1970’s woman didn’t have much use for nature.

Vintage Charm Catalog – Charm Sports

I’m not a sporty type, but the pool with diver is a must – it’ll catch all your sweaters and be a major pain – but worth it!

Good Luck and Money – what we all wish for

When you open a fortune cookie and read the fortune you’re supposed to add ‘in bed’, a fun twist on the superstition. I don’t know who started it or how it became popular but I notice everyone doing it when the cookies/bill arrive. So here is a charm version – good luck and prosperity – […]

Jeweled and Pearl bedecked charms

Jewels and bedazzled charms – I love the pearls, they are so very 1960’s, ladies who lunch.