Travel Charms of the Good old USA

Don’t these bring you the feeling of travel when ‘see the USA’ was a big thrill – people would head out to see the wonders of our country New York to California and everywhere in between. On the lovely hands of those mothers and daughters were charm bracelets to show off where they’d been and […]

And Africa – land of our fore fathers

Or more importantly our fore mothers since this is where the original dna surfaces for the scientific genetic 3 eves – we all descend from this genetic strain. But enough pontification – here are the charms and on a lighter note re the actual charms – I rather like the idea of being a child […]

More fantastic pictures from the vintage charms catalogs

These are a trip back in time – back to the grand tour.

Marchal vintage charm catalog – travel etc

These are great European charms from an American maker – is everyone else as addicted to the enamel German vintage charms as I have become?

Vintage charm catalog travel pages Britain & France

Here are some great examples of what Americans brought back to commemorate their trips across the pond back in the 70’s