A reward to whoever can find me 96-E

This is a wonderful selection of the drama and musical charms.

Charms for what you do – or want to be

These are some interesting ones I haven’t seen – I do know the microscope came as a stanhope viewer.

Women’s World of Charm indeed – ouch!

Who exactly decided that a scale represented the flower of womanhood anyway? BAH! Humbug! I do rather love the sink however – I have it in gold and am looking for the silver one – is anyone selling? Not that it makes washing dishes any more pleasant, but it is an amazing mechanical charm, the […]

I always wondered what Anniversary is a Car….

I love this page showing the correct charm present for each anniversary, my favorite is the New York Times for the first -Paper.

Has anyone seen this phone booth?

No kidding it moves like a real one to open (for those of us old enough to remember phone booths, when not everyone had a cell phone from birth – where the heck does Superman change now anyway?) In this copy from the 1971 Love and Marriage section of Marchal’s catalog I found a charm […]