Vintage Charm Catalog scan page 7

I just want to curl up with a cup of tea and dream when I see these pages- if you aren’t aware of it these are the Aetna Charm Catalog from 1952-53 – vintage charms in 14K that were also made in sterling, many mechanical charms, some I’ve never seen. Susan is scanning for us- […]

Catalog page 6 – interesting American Fumsup

These are the best fun I’ve had in years- I just can’t wait for the next installment from Susan and I go back all the time to check against charms I’ve found.

Page view of vintage charm catalog- free resource!

Susan comes through once again with a page to drool over from the vintage charms catalogs of the 1940- 50’s. It always amazes me to see charms listed in the pictures of these vintage charm catalogs that I thought were older or newer and realise that they spanned such a long manufacturing period. Does anyone […]

vintage charm jewelry free catalog scans page 4

Well the lights were out in Los Angeles yesterday- as well as the phone lines and dsl- the high winds just knocked everything out so no postings for me. My husband loves it when I can’t get online- it means I have time to cook and clean. Anyway here is Susan’s latest page. No one […]

Vintage charm catalog scan 3rd installment

Susan is amazing here’s the next page.