Charm Suggestions- Vintage Charm Catalog 1953 (2)

Here are thr next 4 pages as promised. I’m working on fixing the pictures in the gallery so the modern ones aren’t huge, give me a few days to learn the technique, then I’ll add a section for all the vintage catalogs. Meanwhile enjoy.

More Catalog Scans of Vintage Charm Jewelry

This is the last of the scans from Alison- Susan are you out there? I have a few of my own that I paid to scan and then we rely on Debbie who should get the box of her catalogs, my catalogs and everything on Thursday, let’s hope she is up for scanning.

1972 gold vintage charm catalog pages

Here are some more of the pages from ebay seller spotcatdied1 (thanks Alison!) As you can see the Etruscan charms were very big then, and are still popular today.

Lots of scans from Spotcatdied1- ebay seller

I first started buying from this seller about 2 years ago. They are clearing out the family jewelry store in Raleigh North Carolina and since my husband grew up there we got to talking and I was looking for his class charm of course. Some of my favorite charms are from them- my kangaroo with […]

Catalog page 8

Scanner fixed, Susan has supplied us with the next installment of her catalog pages. There’s just nothing quite as nice as starting the day with a lovely beverage and a page of vintage charms to study. Remember to click on the picture so it’ll get big enough to see clearly.