Page view of vintage charm catalog- free resource!

catalog-scan-4.jpg Susan comes through once again with a page to drool over from the vintage charms catalogs of the 1940- 50’s. It always amazes me to see charms listed in the pictures of these vintage charm catalogs that I thought were older or newer and realise that they spanned such a long manufacturing period. Does anyone have a Miss Washington or Miss California they want to sell? I have a step-stool/ladder that opens if anyone is interested. I’d love it if we could all list what we have, or what we want from each page as these go up.


  1. OHMIGOSH!!!! did you look at these- I must find that fountain pen that writes, what a fantastic charm. I just bought the fruit basket on eBay- they seller called it bacon and beans in a pot I think, must admit it looks like either.

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