Dallas here I come- and scan

I am off to visit a friend and go to the First Monday Swap Meet. Wish me many good finds there to share with you when I get back Wednesday. Meanwhile here is another scan and I’ll try to keep in touch on the road.

Vintage Charm Catalog Scan page 8

Ferdinand the Bull and an entire zoo of animals- I wonder what the coyote is being sold as now, 50 years later? The daschund is one of the ones I gave you Yvette. Note all the differences in the dog breeds- these are important when buying. The spitz I finally got was listed on a […]

Spitz (american eskimo dogs) as vintage sterling charms in catalog

Oh that receiving set- how many times have I been outbid now? I did finally find the spitz with movable head. Here’s a glimpse into why that was so important to me:

Anyone have any of these?

Next installment- hmm- I’d been wondering about that kettle drum. Looks like the vintage has a mother of pearl top?

Vintage Charm Catalog with stanhope

Wow- the television is fairly common though many women washed their hands while wearing stanhopes and thus destroyed them, but I’ve never seen a radio with view- anyone? add the ocarina to my want list. I just got the high school ring from this seller- spotcatdied1- my husband was impressed. Is there anything better than […]