Susan returns to us

To the applause of rabid charm fans Susan performs another feat of scanning- here is her latest. For those- like me who can’t wait- I spent my dog’s inheritance (ok so I don’t have kids – so sue me) on a great catalog to scan even though Debbie already has it. No one is to […]

Vintage Charm Jewelry Catalog scans con’t.

Yea- a missive from Susan. Here is her latest page from the scanner.

The end of the North Carolina 1957 catalog

Here are the last pages of the catalog from North Carolina. Hopefully Susan will send more of hers or Debbie will scan a few. Does anyone have some great finds to show? I resized the pictures in the gallery so they are easier to see. The web god and family are in town today so […]

More Catalog Scans of Vintage Charm Jewelry

Susan has gone missing and I’m almost out of my scans- let’s hope Debbie has stepped in or I’ll actually have to write rather than post (and we all know we don’t want that!). Here are a few more of mine-notice that by 1957 the tail of the monkey on a stick is slightly different […]

More Catalog Scans of Vintage Charm Jewelry

I’m back in Pasadena after a fantastic stay with a frend in Dallas, many flea markets, garage sales, and antique malls later, back to the scans.