The Lady Cleans Up Nicely

I managed to find my last Sunshine Cloth (how i can loose so many I never have figured out – I just bought 10 from Sandy in October!) and do a light buff on the now grime free charms. The great thing about the cloths is that they leave the patina intact, and just touch […]

Ah the joys of a bracelet full of charms!

The first bracelet I got was from a dear friend – and when it arrived it turned out to be filled with charms engraved LIL – my mother’s name. The second full bracelet I bought to sell all but one charm – only to discover it was full of charms engraved KEN – my fathers […]

The Addictive Charm of Puffy Hearts

click here for the link to this spectacular enamel puffy heart charm bracelet auction I must admit I spent quite awhile looking at this auction, each puffy heart is so different and the quality of the enamel seems so nice. Some I have not seen before – like the Arts and Crafts style flower, and […]

More Puffy Hearts than a Victorian Festival

I admit I don’t know enough about vintage puffy hearts – they have such a wide range from Victorian to the 1940’s (which Victorian collectors consider copies, but have more fans than any others, and more styles as well) to the 1980’s to present repros, which to my eye are no where near as crisp, […]