Ah the joys of a bracelet full of charms!

The first bracelet I got was from a dear friend – and when it arrived it turned out to be filled with charms engraved LIL – my mother’s name. The second full bracelet I bought to sell all but one charm – only to discover it was full of charms engraved KEN – my fathers name. Now I’m almost afraid to see a great bracelet full of charms for fear I won’t be able to bring myself to sell any. OOPS – yes happened again! which of these is your favorite? This wonderful one is an example – I’m drooling over the grape heart but…?

1940's vintage puffy heart sterling bracelet

1940's vintage puffy heart sterling bracelet


  1. the other charms I will keep on that bracelet are DAD and GRACE – when ever anyone tripped my father would say ‘way to go Grace’.

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