The Lady Cleans Up Nicely

I managed to find my last Sunshine Cloth (how i can loose so many I never have figured out – I just bought 10 from Sandy in October!) and do a light buff on the now grime free charms. The great thing about the cloths is that they leave the patina intact, and just touch up the highlights. So what do you think of my bracelet – and which ones shall I keep?

The Bracelet - what do you think?

back of bracelet with engraving


  1. oops – seems i bought them from sandy’s sister laurie – and i need to buy more!

  2. I think this is fantastic! What a great purchase. From your explanation, it sounds like you got quite a deal. Are you breaking it up to sell? If yes, I’ll take a closer to look to see if there’s any I want. Would you be willing to sell direct or are they all going on eBay?

    I just bought Sunshine Cloths. They are the best, you’re right!

  3. of course – let me know which ones you’re interested in. i’ve sold about 6 on ebay so far and have another 6 on ruby lane. i’ll send you the pictures of the ones off the bracelet if you want.

  4. charmedforsure says

    Hi how would I go about posting items for sale that I have on ebay, thanks jackie

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