Seller ‘THATSPECIALCHARM’ solves mystery!

too good to leave in comments – here is the riddle of the vintage charm spinner mystery solved:

Oh, what a FUN contest!!! Asa vav kit means “I love
you” in Greenlandic … if you google asa vav kit and
click on the link, you will see a
photo of a horse named Asa vav kit. And if you scroll
down below the photo, the first sentence following
“Beskrivelse:” (description:) includes (in Danish) that asa
vav kit means I love you in Greenlandic … !!!


  1. Did I miss the charm thatspecialcharm won? I see she solved the mystery but what did she win?

  2. thatspecialcharm says

    Lucky me! I won an assortment of prizes,
    because, as fate would have it, our most
    generous hostess was cleaning out a closet
    when I arrived!! Among my many prizes: a
    cool light bulb, lovely bells, PLUS I
    got to select a very adorable seahorse
    charm! YAY!!!

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