Mystery Charm – gold and enamel vintage charm of…?

Sorry I’ve been offline so long – a long story and a sick husband, but touch wood he’s getting better now. Click here for a gold and enamel vintage charm and if you know where it is a map of you are a better man than I MacDuff! If you have any ideas let me […]

HELP- identify this mystery trademark please?

I don’t know this one and a member has asked what company it is- it’s not in Joanne/Joan’s brilliant book ‘Charms and Charm Bracelets’ by Schiffer or any of the charm mark websites I can find- and I’ve had no luck with the patent marks. The closest I can see is the Bell Tradeing Post […]

Vintage Charm Mystery Southern Gentleman

Time for another mystery charm- there are still some unsolved so check the past posts. to solve this one click here – then post in comments if you know who he is.

New Mystery Charm

they say a set of scales- I don’t think so- any ideas? click here to view auction


Who is he?  Let us have your best guess. click here