Alien in Gold Spaceship? or…?

  Whatever it is it’s wonderful – any different ideas? This went for a super price, wish I’d bid higher! Where’s a lotto win when I need it? click here to see the ended auction Not to dispair- she has lots of active auctions including a large 14K vintage leo charm as seen on page […]

mystery charm- who is he?

a wonderful seller- has this for sale- who is he? – the bust not the seller! click here to view- then let me know!

mystery – death star or light bulb or…?

i think this may be a star wars death star and the spiral is where luke’s hand was cut off? click here to view and tell me who you think is right.

What is this?

The seller- whom i was lucky enough to win three fun charms from, thought this might be a grill or oven- the knob on the side turns the fabric inside. I wonder if it’s a dryer- but give my your thoughts?

Everybody loves a mystery

Send me a picture of any charm you can’t place- we’ll all try to figure it out. Date, place, person, learning is half the fun.