A new dimension in Erotic Charms

This one is not a vintage charm, but it is fantastic, a wonderful new dimension in the erotic charm style, by an artist in the field. click here for a look at the female side of erotic charms.She does the male side also, I’ll have a whistle from her soon, and I’ll post pictures.

spankin’ part 2

Here’s the vintage gold version of the monkey (see the x rated gallery)- and here is a perfect example of the vintage not being as nice as the new- and the gold not as well done as the sterling. Look at the difference in the craftsmanship and the detail, the back of the gold is […]

Spanking the Monkey

For those collectors interested – I have a new mechanical in the x rated charm gallery- enjoy, I rather like him! Maybe one of the reasons I’m not easily shocked is that he reminds me of a pet we had when I was 5 and my little sister 2 – his name was Poncho P […]

Here are the charms filomene66 is talking about

the chastity belt- I am soo jealous! click here to see why and the santa house- I have this one also so I’m not lusting after it but if you want to know what to look for click here

Looking for this one!

This should go in dream charms as one I’m searching for-but I figured all X rated ones should be in one place. I took the picture ages ago at an antique show and very stupidly didn’t pay the 85.00 they wanted for the charm. I’ve regreted it ever since. oops- didn’t want it on the […]