Charms mean never having to say- I’m too grown-up.

It is my belief that charms are proof positive that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. Every great memory is enshrined there- ready to be told to children, grand children, or to oneself on a rainy day. Granted, my parents (shockingly) didn’t always give in to my requests for charms on our […]

So many charms so little time, money, room……..

There are so many interesting and historic charms, moving charms, mechanical charms opening charms (yes there is a difference) antique charms, vintage charms, gold charms, sterling charms, new charms-old charms to older, and I haven’t even mentioned the cracker jack charms or bubble gum charms of our misspent youth. Technically, Antique Charms are considered to […]

Antique, Vintage, Retro, New ?

Debates can go on for years about what charms can be classified as antique, vintage, retro and modern. It seems every collector has a slightly different view so I’m willing to be flexible -feel free to correct me. eBay terms vintage as anything made before the 1980’s and anything after that as modern. t The […]

Finding The Charms of your Dreams

Surprisingly everyone I’ve ever met while wearing my charm necklaces has said a variation of ‘Oh I have an old bracelet from my _____(fill in mom, grandmother, aunt, godmother etc) in my drawer – even men seem to have the little darlings hanging around somewhere – left over from a relative or friend or meant […]

Welcome to Vintage Charm

Welcome to Vintage Charm, I’ll be your host, Kyria-d for the wild slide into insanity that is collecting. Oops sorry, I may have been working in entertainment too long. Hopefully if you are reading this it means that you have some interest in vintage charms, antique charms, or charms of any other flavor or […]