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Welcome to Vintage Charm Jewelry.com, I’ll be your host, Kyria-d for the wild slide into insanity that is collecting. Oops sorry, I may have been working in entertainment too long.

Hopefully if you are reading this it means that you have some interest in vintage charms, antique charms, or charms of any other flavor or type – either for yourself or a loved one, or possibly a not so loved one – (we’ll get into those later).

Don’t take my word as gospel on anything- learning for yourself is at least half the fun, and no one’s opinion matters except yours- it’s your charm collection after all.

Never think that vintage charm collecting has to be expensive! I have one sterling charm bracelet that has as it’s theme that no charm (nor the bracelet) cost over 1.00. Yes there are some charms out there that go for thousands, but there are also many more that sell for almost nothing at swap meets and flea markets and garage sales- and the REALLY fun time is when you buy one of the ‘go for thousands’ at the ‘almost nothing’ price.

How do you recognize them if that happens? Well I don’t know all mind you – but I do know where to tell you to look for the experts who DO know, if not all at least a lot more than we mere mortals.

I will put up links to make it easy to see and find the information to feed your addiction for vintage charms, as well as antique charms gold charms, sterling charms, and my favorites- moving charms and mechanical charms.

I’ll review the vintage charm books available and show you where to get them at a discount, as well as some good ways to get vintage charms at great prices ( such as when the sellers on eBay spell something wrong).

I will show you how to find both the bargains and the truly amazing pieces with prices to match- that are worth every penny. I’m
happy to answer any question about vintage charms- or really any charm – and when I don’t know the answers I’ll research and ask collectors who really ARE the experts.

I’m going to put up scans of old vintage charm catalogs as soon as I can get them to a flat scanner, as well as pictures of my collection and those of my brilliant collector friends who are willing to post pictures.

I’d love to see your charm collections, and hear about your vintage charm finds- please feel free to brag, I’ll be very jealous.


  1. This will be fascinating, Kyria – D! and so we will keep our eyes open and learn something. I have two or three charm bracelets. I am fond of 3-d animals, especially horses.

  2. Kyria, I can’t make another comment in your Yahoo group? Are we able to post comments here which other group members can see?

  3. I can’t seem to post a comment here? This is my second attempt.

    Can we post comments which others can see? Your Yahoo group doesn’t seem to allow posted comments today.

  4. there is spam filter to block non charm posts but yes we’ll all be able to talk and post to each other- i’m still learning how this all works, sorry for any mistakes!

  5. yahoo has some problem- that’s one of the reasons we’ve switched to this.

  6. Kyria,

    I like this new site. It’s nice and easy to navigate, great job. This must have taken hours to do. Tell your hubby thanks for sharing you with us. Now if I can just figure out how to download pictures I can start sharing too.


  7. Hey, one request can you add spell check?

  8. I’ve had a look at the forum and it tells me I cannot post there?

    I am probably doing something stupid again !

  9. i think you have to sign in on the forum and then i don’t have to approve anything you write there- it goes up right away- a much better system. try it and see what happen and let me know?

  10. spell-check….. my webmaster tells me we can’t have spell check. not to be ungrateful because i really appreciate all the work he puts in but c’mon- we can put a man on the moon and we can’t check spelling? (also no spell check on posts so everyone please forgive me in advance). all we can do right now is copy the comment- open a new window (no mame impressions here) paste it- spell check in windows word, copy again and paste back into the comments. i don’t know about you but i’m too lazy. ideas anyone?

  11. This is in the wrong thread but, as I can’t start a new one, I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ve been dying to say how much I love the charms you show on the top left of the pages. Are they yours?

    Also, I’ve just seen the gorgeous bell charm bracelet, just minutes after I saw the first bell charm bracelet I ever saw!

  12. some are mine,some i sold, some are friends- i sold the bell bracelet to marianne in france i think- still one of my favorites. just tell me what threads you want- though i think in forum you can start anything- why don’t you add any other stanhopes you have to that forum?

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