Interesting Mechanical Vintage Charm – Adults only

CLICK HERE FOR A NAUGHTY BUGLER BOY OK even the kids won’t be able to tell, so I don’t mind having this on the page, but what a cute little risque charm! Hey! behave now, that’s his bugle! Click on the picture to see the charm.

Hidden Treasure – vintage charm with a… shock?

click here to see the auction Well this is one for the books – lift the trumpet and find a surprise. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new risque charm. BTW- I still haven’t made the new scanner work – but am plodding on.

The brilliant Coco de Mer charm – Nature as Erotism

Who knew fruit could be so erotic? Meet the mighty Coco de Mer, a nut from the Seychelles which resembles the front and backsides of the female form, even more interesting is the male tree’s pollen bearing stamen – Google coco de mer palm Seychelles for some great information on the glorious globes. Pictured here […]

The best of both worlds – antique stanhope charm – and it’s erotic too!

This is a lovely old piece, look at the detail and delicate craftsmanship – yet it was the equivalent of a playboy magazine in it’s day! Victorian erotica, just wonderful. check HERE

A new dimension in Erotic Charms

This one is not a vintage charm, but it is fantastic, a wonderful new dimension in the erotic charm style, by an artist in the field. click here for a look at the female side of erotic charms.She does the male side also, I’ll have a whistle from her soon, and I’ll post pictures.