New Charm game

I have been not as motivated to write as I should be this last year, so I decided to pull out a cattle prod and hopefully this will do it: You are all invited to send in a word every day – anything you want – and I’ll try to write a paragraph on charms […]

Christmas Charm

This eBay seller always has wonderful things – she has outdone herself with this storybook bracelet – can you see the memories of kids whose Mother or Grandmother wore this and told them the story while they played with it? The house even opens to ‘children nestled snug in a bed’ click here to see […]

Charms of Life

Charms aren’t just little pieces of jewelry, glanced at briefly by our friends, then dismissed. They’re works of miniature art encapsulating a moment in history, and holding still some of the love that went with the gift when it was new. They give us the joy of learning, whether history, geography, art, mechanics, storytelling – […]