Charms of Life

Charms aren’t just little pieces of jewelry, glanced at briefly by our friends, then dismissed.
They’re works of miniature art encapsulating a moment in history, and holding still some of the love that went with the gift when it was new.
They give us the joy of learning, whether history, geography, art, mechanics, storytelling – it’s all there, attached precariously to a bracelet (next we talk jump rings that won’t let you loose charms).
They connect us firmly and tangibly to past generations, whether we have inherited them or lovingly collected each piece. They also connect us to the future, no matter to whom we bequeath them or if we sell them in the end, these tiny treasures will live on after we’re long gone, gaining value and good vibes everyday.
They also connect us to each other, from the over 300 members of the Charm Group I have been lucky to have almost 50 friends emerge, some close enough to see often, some only an email away till we can get together for a charmers convention, but each and all a gift I value immensely.
When I look at my charms that’s what I see – the Exersize Girl from Debbie, the Bread from Peggy, the Iron from Joan, and off course the ones from relatives years ago.
Surprisingly, my Tiffany bracelet, – new I know – odd for a vintage collector, but gorgeous non-the-less, serves as my circle of family one. My friends bought it as a 50th present and my husband has since provided the lock, and an anniversary gift of the heart key I talk about here. It seems no one was sure what I liked or if I already had it so I’ve been getting blouses and bath salts for years. No excuse now dear-and dear friends – feel free to get together for a charm a year. If I’m lucky it’ll be a wrist ruffle when I finally head off to the great flea market in the sky.
Have you SEEN the new ones Tiffany has out this spring? go look, it’s like a stroll on 5th Ave NYC. Well, I do miss the hot dog vender’s aroma, and the energy rising from the sidewalks, but that’s what these tiny treasures evoke – a time, a moment in your life seen, felt, heard, smelled, tasted for just an instant as you gaze at the charm that depicts it, just a flash, but perfect and poignant.
For every person faced with the nightmare of memory loss as we age – I wish you Charms.


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