this is the perfect bracelet for the cake iceing sterling charms

picture your iceing charms on this!

ok so they aren’t Vintage

but not only are they wonderful but they are totally tax deductible and get animals out of shelters and into loving homes. help my friend Elayne Boosler with her charity to save animals about to be put down in kill shelters and get yourself some fun charms at the same time. the designer will print […]

Empire Charm Corp Catalog

Empire pages 13,14,15

Have You All Seen Hot Diamonds?

These charms have been around for quite a few years – I bought a bracelet as vintage, and looks it, although I’m not sure they are 20 years old. But WOW!!!! New ones are being sold, and I didn’t know the name when I bought mine. Now that I do I’m addicted. The sterling with […]