Sterling Puffy Heart Charm with Rock Crystal and Opening Clasp

Let me start by saying this is a lovely charm, a very desirable charm, it is a charm I would love to own. This is not, however, a pool of light charm… It may even be rock crystal, although it is far more likely to be crystal glass, but Pools of Light are globes of rock crystal which, when gazed through, turn the view upside down.

Check it out here [Sterling Puffy Heart Charm – Locket] and let me know what you think below.

Pool of Light charms became very popular in Victorian England and the craze traveled around the continent and to the Americas through the 1910’s.

Here is an actual Pool of Light charm:


  1. Candygirl7 says

    Hello! Been a good while since I posted a comment. I did view the heart locket and the seller says it “magnifies” . I am with you on the Pools of Light orbs. I love them and wish I could afford an entire necklace. The lockets are hard to come by and you rarely see one that is framed entirely in 14kt gold. Usually, they are gold filled frames or might be sterling or 10kt.
    Yes, I would like to own this charm too! Have a happy week.

  2. good to have you back! an entire necklace would be a treasure, they usually run upwards of 1G-ouch. i think all of the domed lockets magnify, which is perfect for small photos.

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