Lucky Acorn Charm by Tiffany

The mighty Oak (Quercus species) was a symbol of life, fertility, and immortality in many ancient cultures. The god Thor’s Life Tree was an Oak. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans revered Oak trees. Galen, a famous Roman doctor, first used Oak leaves to heal wounds. The Druids considered it to have both medicinal and mystical significance. For centuries, an oak sprig was inscribed on English coins.

Acorns are symbols of fertility, the potential for new life, both corporal and mystical.Druids believed the consumption of acorns would help to see the future. The term “druid” is possibly from duir, the Celtic term for the Oak. Wearing oak leaves was a sign of special status among the Celts, as well as ancient Greeks and Romans. To wear an oak sprig was both good luck and to ward of ill fortune.

View the Sterling Silver Oak Tree Nature Acorn Nut Charm here.

My clan (Anderson) has the oak leaves and acorns as their badge with the motto ‘stand sure’. This is a nice big charm, and here is another Acorn charm. However you wear your acorns and oak leaves may you have good fortune!

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