Travel Charms of the Good old USA

Don’t these bring you the feeling of travel when ‘see the USA’ was a big thrill – people would head out to see the wonders of our country New York to California and everywhere in between. On the lovely hands of those mothers and daughters were charm bracelets to show off where they’d been and […]

A New Designer Charm Bracelet with STYLE – JOAN SLIFKA

click here to see the auction This dramatic piece is an example of one of the best designers of new bracelets – the combination of engraved sterling and carved gems gves a quirky Santa Fe/primitive feel. They don’t come up for auction often, and this is in time for the holidays – imagine all black […]

Perfect storyteller’s bracelet Twas the Night Before Christmas in CHARMS

Click here to see the auction This is so well laid out and so much thought and work went into it that it’s mind boggling. Especially amazing is the charm replica of the book!

Bracelets and the Hunt

My cousin (second or removed or something but one of the ones I happen to love) visited last week on her way to the do-jon to receive her 5th black belt; btw – she’s nearing 60. She was telling me about her visit to her sister when they went on a fox hunt (something I […]

Monet Vintage Charm Bracelets – The Juicy Couture of the 1950’s and 60’s

MONET Charms: 1928 – Present (Owned by Liz Claiborne Since 2000) Monet began as the Monocraft Products Company of Providence, RI in 1928. It was founded by two brothers, Michael and Jay Chernow. They originally started by making gold plated monograms on handbags and moved on to manufacturing jewelry under the name of Monet in […]