Spectacular Bracelets!

These are new bracelets owned by our member 2manychins- but nice is too mild a word to describe them- the quality the detail the shine- WOW- they are knockouts. If I didn’t like her so much I’d have grabbed them and run when we got together this week. They are as pretty as her Chins […]

These are amazing- but new

not that you’d ever know except that the seller is honest enough to be up-front about their newness- you have to admire that, because these are so gorgeous and vintage looking they could get away with calling them vintage, but they don’t – nor do they charge as if the bracelets were vintage. so go […]

Times Online Shopper Unlocks Vintage Charm Memories

This was in todays New York Times and has some nice ideas for past present and future heirlooms. Click here to see the story: