NOT a charm

You have to admire the imagination of sellers, not to mention jewelry designers though, CLICK ON THIS “VICTORIAN CHARM” to see what I mean. Obviously made from a knife handle – does anyone recognize the pattern” It’s very pretty and if it were my pattern I’d probably love to have it, BUT it is neither […]

Vintage Charm vs Modern Charm

I love vintage charms, the feel, the patina, the way they seem to hold history in stasis; that said there are many modern charms that are wonderful, both brand new styles and replicas of the old styles, and I love those also IF and of course here is the big if – they aren’t represented […]

Juicy Couture Cork Charm and Modern Cuties

Just as bigger isn’t always better, older doesn’t always mean cuter. There are some spectacular modern charms out there- and while I’m not a Juicy Couture Fanatic (well, not yet) so many of you have fallen in love with the enamel and intricacy and just sheer delightful CUTENESS of them, that I’ve done a link […]

Combination Vintage Charm with New Technology

I think this seller and whoever her supplier is are brilliant! She takes vintage charms and combines them with small detailed computer renderings made into 3D miniatures of books and road maps and all kinds of wild and wonderful printed items. I had her special order a copy of my sister’s first book to go […]

Aaron Basha’s brilliant link bracelets

Has everyone seen the amazing way the Aaron Basha bracelets open on the links to add charms? If not click HERE to view. Where is the winning lotto ticket when I need it? Also visit the gallery to see some of the charms on one of the Basha Bracelets posted by 2manychins.