Who is he?  Let us have your best guess. click here

These are amazing- but new

not that you’d ever know except that the seller is honest enough to be up-front about their newness- you have to admire that, because these are so gorgeous and vintage looking they could get away with calling them vintage, but they don’t – nor do they charge as if the bracelets were vintage. so go […]

Alien in Gold Spaceship? or…?

  Whatever it is it’s wonderful – any different ideas? This went for a super price, wish I’d bid higher! Where’s a lotto win when I need it? click here to see the ended auction Not to dispair- she has lots of active auctions including a large 14K vintage leo charm as seen on page […]

Here are the charms filomene66 is talking about

the chastity belt- I am soo jealous! click here to see why and the santa house- I have this one also so I’m not lusting after it but if you want to know what to look for click here

ebay stanhopes- gold and sterling

I can’t see the mark on this one but since I own one of these (mine is stanhopeless) I know this was made by Walter Lampl. I can’t help thinking this must have a replaced stanhope- why would a tv have the lord’s prayer? BUT notice that the seller managed to get a picture of […]