ebay stanhopes- gold and sterling

I can’t see the mark on this one but since I own one of these (mine is stanhopeless) I know this was made by Walter Lampl. I can’t help thinking this must have a replaced stanhope- why would a tv have the lord’s prayer? BUT notice that the seller managed to get a picture of […]

mystery charm- who is he?

a wonderful seller- http://stores.ebay.com/yoyolzs-World-Eccentricity-Charm has this for sale- who is he? – the bust not the seller! click here to view- then let me know!

mystery – death star or light bulb or…?

i think this may be a star wars death star and the spiral is where luke’s hand was cut off? click here to view and tell me who you think is right.

Looking for this one!

This should go in dream charms as one I’m searching for-but I figured all X rated ones should be in one place. I took the picture ages ago at an antique show and very stupidly didn’t pay the 85.00 they wanted for the charm. I’ve regreted it ever since. oops- didn’t want it on the […]

Times Online Shopper Unlocks Vintage Charm Memories

This was in todays New York Times and has some nice ideas for past present and future heirlooms. Click here to see the story: