Flea Market Finds

pcc.jpg  I was at the PCC Flea today- here is a photo of todays loot- I had a wonderful time- met some nice charm sellers, and had a great visit with all the ones I already know.  The red bakelite (?) cross has a stanhope of ‘El Santo Nino de Atocha’ info anyone?  filomene66- email me about a shooting gallery. lavalleyjo that conversation bench is for you.  The rest will be listed in the for sale area of the forum or on ebay.  The turning Wells sterling San Francisco street car has 2 blue enameled passangers climbing on- not seen that before.  For those of us addicted to Grey’s Anatomy the Ferry is marked Seattle.  The whistle works, the fish moves, the enamel is good on the Thespians and chimney sweep, and the small church opens to a wedding, of course.  The Monet Bible has it’s original price tag and opens on a spring to the Lord’s Prayer.  It was 75 degrees, sunny with a mild wind, just a perfect day for a flea market.  Some of the dealers I talked to today may drop by here to check out the site- I hope they stay to sell, and I remind all of you that if you go to the forum you can list what you want, what you have to sell, and what you have to trade- no listing fees -totally free. I’ll be on vacation this week- my husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary, I’ll post more when we get back- maybe we’ll find some super charms.

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