Weddings – and the real story

While I was sitting around with friends, trying not to be too hot we got to discussing our weddings. Since I was actually VERY hot – and therefor of course VERY cranky I told the real story of mine- it was quite the disaster (luckily the actual marriage has gone a bit better for the last 20 years). Now I’m thinking of doing a wedding bracelet that tells the real story in all it’s painful details. My friend V contributed all the horror of her special day, so I’ll put together one for her too. Tell me- was your happiest day of your life a mess too?


  1. 2manychins says

    Mine started when the planning started, my mother in law tried to take control of everything, and did take over a lot more than I wanted. My mother who also wanted to take control got so mad that she refused to attend my wedding, wouldn’t let my baby sister be in the wedding party and didn’t talk to me for 5 years. At my reception a very drunk friend of my mother in law stepped on my dress not once, not twice, but three times while I was trying to walk away from her, tearing the lace in the back beyond repair.

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