Walter Lampl – wow!

I wish I knew more about this brilliant designer. The wonderful article shared in ‘other resources with the links to Milky Way Jewelry is so fantastic it has really spiked my interest in this fantastic man, his company and his work.
I am just not up to speed on hearts, which I consider the most difficult of vintage charms to collect, partly because of the cost, and partly because so many have been reproduced.
It takes a true collector to know that on the backs of the real vintage ‘Flowers of the Month Charms’ the sterling mark is in the center, not the side. I have marveled over the bracelets of friends, wishing I had their knowledge, luck and artistic sense.
Here is an auction that claims the entire bracelet was put together by the great man himself- WOW!!!! click here to see And when you’ve thought that was pricey- look at this one that sold in just hours at the buy it now price – and she didn’t even have it listed as Lampl, but of course it is. look here

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