Lampl Lampl everywhere

Now that I’ve read that article about Walter Lampl I seem to see his items whenever I look on eBay. Here is a nice bracelet click and here are two of the Flower of the Month Charms CLICK HERE and HERE, This is a lock heart CLICK! and this is one with the old mark- Lampl rather than WL in shield CLICK


  1. callen1956 says

    Hi, I bought the LAMPL heart with the old mark “LAMPL” on it and when I checked in with the charm group I found out that it was not a LAMPL but a LAMODE and I had already paid for it!! The seller still insists that it is a LAMPL but with a jewelers loop I can clearly tell it is a LAMODE. I knew it should have went for a lot more than my bid!!! I am sending it back….. Cindy

  2. Oh Cindy I’m so sorry! I took the sellers word (and the way it looked on the ebay photo) What a disappointment. What do you know about Lamode? Did you take any close up pictures of the trademark so all collectors can be fore-warned?

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