NUVO British vintage charm – the rarest one

Yes it’s the alien in the moon – and I’ve been outbid darn it! I once sent the charm goddess Joan a vintage charm she was so fond of that she told me I could choose ANY of her vintage Nuvo charms as a trade – well, except the alien (no dummy Joan!) the last one of these I saw was over a year ago and went for over 400.00. I think the eBay market is down this season so let’s see what happens to this one. Meanwhile if you want it better bid fast and high. here’s the link to the vintage charm Nuvo alien auction



  1. wow! i certainly was wrong about the end price on this one. at this rate the next one will go for over a grand – and if i had it i’d pay it.

  2. Sorry, but that charm looks new to me. I don’t see any silky patina. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers by saying that so I hope no one’s insulted. Just IMHO.

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