Vintage Light Up Charms con’t.

Here is another vintage charm in 14K that lights up and another one here for a vintage charm at a bargain, a lighting vintage 14K charm at a premium and one I can only assume the seller had no interest in actually selling see the lovely unsold item here I have a collection of about a dozen of these that Debbie is fixing for me – most were made in 14K but many were also done in sterling. They can be re-lamped with the tiny bulbs used on model trains and they use watch batteries.


  1. I have a gold litacharm that I’m interested in selling. It’s an oval-shaped stage with a tent-like curtain that’s open on the front. On stage are two dancers that can be moved with levers that go through the back. The light is the footlight. It has no light or battery, and didn’t when I bought it in the late 1980s. I’ve searched high and low to find another one like it, but haven’t. If you’re still collecting them and might be interested, I’ll send pictures.

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